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iOS Development Tutorials

Tutorials for iOS development are posted here. The tutorials can cover any topics relevant to iOS developers and tutorials on topics game development, augmented reality, and learning Objective-C have been posted in the past.

If you would like to add a tutorial please submit it here.

Tutorial: Create An Augmented Reality Game On iOS Using OpenCV For Marker Detection

I’ve pointed out a few resources to aid in creating augmented reality apps such as the free Vuforia library that provides a nice set of features such as easy marker detection and text recognition.

Here’s an in-depth tutorial from Paul Scholtz that goes through step-by-step the creation of a simple augmented reality game that uses OpenCV for marker tracking.

Some of the topics in the tutorial include:

Tutorial: Use Auto-layout In Xcode 5 For Interfaces That Adapt To Different Screens/Orientations

With Xcode 4 there was a lot left to be desired when working when working with the interface builder tool to apply auto-layout to our interfaces, fortunately with Xcode 5 this has been much improved.

Here’s a tutorial from Yari D’areglia that provides a nice series of examples on using auto layout within the Xcode 5 Interface Builder/Storyboards tool and updating programatically.

Tutorial: Create A Geometry Wars Style Shooter On iOS Using OpenGL ES 2.0

It’s been awhile since I mentioned any OpenGL ES resources, the most recent being this set of OpenGL ES tutorials showing how to create some nice effects like water reflections, and bump mapping.

Here’s an in-depth tutorial from Terence Grant using C++ on iOS to construct a Geometry Wars style game using OpenGL ES 2.0.

The created game is complete with the neon graphics, excessive particle effects, background warping and fast gameplay that makes Geometry Wars such a fun game.

Tutorial: How To Easily Set Up Scrolling Content Within A UIScrollView Using Auto-Layout

Prior to auto layout setting up UIScrollView required you to pass in the dimensions of your content within the UIScrollView was an issue especially if you different UI elements, the orientation changed, or you needed to adjust for different device sizes.

Here’s a tutorial by Mike Woelmer of Atomic Object that demonstrates how to set up a UIScrollView using auto layout that adjusts to orientation changes, and moves your content out of the way of the keyboard.

Tutorial: Creating A Proximity Based Treasure Hunting App With iBeacons

A few months ago I mentioned a tutorial explaining basic use of the iBeacons API showing how to detect nearby iBeacons transmitters.

Here’s a tutorial by Craig Gilchrist explaining how to create a simple iBeacons app that adjusts based on proximity.

The tutorial explains step-by-step how to create a treasure hunting application that changes the receiver app as it gets closer to the transmitter by changing the user’s screen, and playing different sounds. The example project sets it up so that an iPad acts as a transmitter, and iPhones as a receiver from the same code base.