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iOS Development Tutorials

Tutorials for iOS development are posted here. The tutorials can cover any topics relevant to iOS developers and tutorials on topics game development, augmented reality, and learning Objective-C have been posted in the past.

If you would like to add a tutorial please submit it here.

Tutorial: Beginners Guide To The Metal Graphics API

The Metal API added with iOS 8 provides an alternative to OpenGL for graphics programming with lower overhead and increased performance with Apple’s A7 and the new A8 in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple has provided a nice amount of documentation, video presentation and examples that you can find over on the Metal for Developers page.

A Step-By-Step Tutorial On Using iOS 8’s New Keyboard Extension

Among the great new features in iOS 8 are the custom keyboard extensions, and the keyboard predictive text bar that will sit atop the keyboard (last month I mentioned a component based on that new feature called TOMSSuggestionBar.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial from Tope Abayomi explaining how to create custom keyboards using the iOS 8 custom keyboard extension.

The tutorial explains how to set up your project, using the new keyboard extension, creating a custom keyboard layout, and explains a few of the gotchas along the way.

A In-Depth Case Study On The Usage Of Swift Optionals

I’ve mentioned a few tutorials on larding the Swift language, most recently an in-depth guide on using Swift arrays, and a tutorial on Swift basics through the creation of a falling blocks game.

Here is an in-depth case study and tutorial from the  Apple Swift blog exploring the use of optionals.

In the post the authors create an NSDictonary objectForKeys function in Swift and  explain how to use options for this situations when the key is not found and the advantages over NSNull with Objective-C.

Tutorial: How To Create A Tracking App With Real-Time On Map Route Drawing

Earlier this year I mentioned an open source app personal movement tracking app in development called Theseus inspired by Google’s Latitude app.

Here’s a nice step-by-step tutorial on how to create a movement tracking app inspired by the popular Runkeeper app from Matt Luedke.

The topics within the tutorial include:

iOS Tutorial And Code Example On Creating Tinder Style Swipe-To-Choose Views

Earlier this year I mentioned a  component for implementing Tinder style swipe-to-choose cards called MDCSwipeToChoose.

Here’s a nice tutorial that goes step-by-step through the process of creating cards with cool Tinder style dragging animations from Nimrod Gutman.

Specifically the tutorial covers:

- Setting up a draggable image view
- Modifying the rotation and scale while the image is being dragged to match the effect seen in the Tinder app
- Adding overlay images as the image is dragged
- Performing the selected action