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iOS Development Tutorials

Tutorials for iOS development are posted here. The tutorials can cover any topics relevant to iOS developers and tutorials on topics game development, augmented reality, and learning Objective-C have been posted in the past.

If you would like to add a tutorial please submit it here.

Tutorial: Step-By-Step Guide To Creating A Great Looking Custom UI Control In Swift

Earlier this year I mentioned a nice guide from Yari D’areglia on creating custom components that can be previewed and modified within Xcode 6.

Here is another tutorial by Yari extending on the first tutorial going through step by step the creation of a custom component using Swift.

In the tutorial you’ll go through the creation of a great looking completely custom circular slider component.

Here’s a video showing the component created in the tutorial within the simulator:

Example And Guide: An Optimized Reaction Diffusion Simulation Using The Metal Graphics API

In the last couple of months I mentioned an extensive collection of iOS 8 source code including some examples using Metal along with an in-depth beginners tutorial on using Metal.

Here’s a guide and example submitted by Simon Gladman in which he has created and optimized a reaction diffusion simulation using the Metal API.

This video shows the simulation in action:

Guide With Example Code Showing How To Add A Neat Springy Effect To A UISlider

Previsouyl I mentioned a nice tutorial on creating custom user interface components.

Here’s a nice guide with example code showing how to modify a UISlider adding some custom effects from Wojtek Lukaszuk.

In the guide you’ll learn how to modify the tracking behavior of a slider, and add a neat spring animation following the drag of the users finger.  The end result is a nice springy effect that responds neatly to the users touch.

An In-Depth Beginner Scene Kit Tutorial

Earlier this week I mentioned an example and nice simple tutorial demonstrating how to recreate Stonehenge in 3D with Scene Kit.

Here’s another nice tutorial for learning Scene Kit by Ricardo Rendon Cepeda.

The tutorial goes through an in-depth explanation of Scene Kit, setting up a project, setting up a scene’s camera, lighting and background, and goes through the creation of a simple atom visualization app drawing the carbon atoms for several different substances complete with coloring and material.

Tutorial: Using iOS 8’s SceneKit To Recreate Stonehenge In 3D

Last month I mentioned some nice iOS 8 source code examples including basic examples on setting up 2D and 3D scenes within SceneKit.

Here’s a nice step-by-step tutorial from Ryan Shelby showing how to re-create Stonehenge in SceneKit.

The tutorial provides a nice explanation of 3D coordinate systems, and goes through setting up the scene background, sky, and camera, laying out the stones, and adding material to the stones.