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iOS Programming Tools And Utilities

This are is for tools related to iOS development. Any developer tools are featured here, although typically only iOS developer tools will be posted. In the past we have posted tools for tile mapping, app tracking, code generation and more.

If you would like to add a tool please submit it here.

Tool: An Xcode Plugin Adding Many Handy Text Selection, Duplication And Deletion Commands

I’ve mentioned a number of Xcode plugins most recently a handy plugin for more advanced filtering of debug console output called MCLog.

Here’s an Xcode plugin that adds a wide number of hotkeyed commands to Xcode for easier selection, duplication and deletion called MarvinXcode from Christoffer Winterkvist.

Tool: Xcode Plugin That Adds Filtering To The Debug Console (With Regex Support)

I’ve mentioned a number of Xcode plugins, and early last year I mentioned a plugin for color coding your debugging console text that helps to distinguish what you’re looking for in console.

Here’s another Xcode plugin that enhances the debugging console providing dead simple fast output console filtering based on a search called MCLog from Michael Chen – a very nice upgrade from the built in searching.

Open Source Tool For Easily Obfuscating Objective-C Class, Protocol, And Property Names

As you might be aware it’s fairly easy to reverse engineer an objective-c iOS app and grab the header files, string values, and assembly code, then someone could perform a few tweaks, replace the graphics and release an app using your code.  A few commercial tools have been around for obfuscation, but the costs are probably too high for smaller projects.

Tool: An Xcode Project Analyzer For Avoiding Bugs, Maintainability And Style Issues

Some time ago I mentioned an alternative configurable Objective-C, C++ and C static analyzer called OCLint.

Here’s an interesting tool that goes well beyond basic static analysis called Faux Pas that doesn’t simply analyze your code, but analyzes your entire project without duplicating any warnings from the Clang static analyzer.

A Now Open Source Tool For Editing Core Data Databases

Some time ago I mentioned the Core Data Editor tool that provides a nice interface for looking through and editing your Core Data databases with nice code generation features.

The Core Data Editor has improved considerably since first mentioned and now has now been open sourced by developer Christian Kienle as he can no longer maintain the project.

Here’s an image showing the browsing capabilities of the Core Data Editor: