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iOS Programming Tools And Utilities

This are is for tools related to iOS development. Any developer tools are featured here, although typically only iOS developer tools will be posted. In the past we have posted tools for tile mapping, app tracking, code generation and more.

If you would like to add a tool please submit it here.

An iOS Xcode Project Bootstrap For High Quality Coding

Previously I mentioned the Crafter tool for automated Xcode project setup from Krzysztof Zablocki.

Here’s an open source release submitted by Krzysztof Zablocki that provides a project bootstrap for high quality coding called KZBootstrap.

KZBootstrap provides a nice labled icon setup making it easy to distinguish between build types, extra scripts for more warnings such as for todo’s and warnings when files get big. easy setup of environments within a plist file using Xcodebuild or Jenkins, clickable links within logging using CocoaLumberjack, extra conveniences for easier debugging, and more.

Introduction And Tutorial On Creating Xcode 6 Playgrounds

Playgrounds are a great way to create interactive code samples and earlier this year a nice tool allowing you to format Swift playgrounds with rich documentation created using Markdown, and I also mentioned a nice playground containing common design patterns in Swift.

Matt Mathias has created a nice guide leading you through the creation of a simple Playground and also Matt also has a nice video where in the first 7 minutes he gives a nice overview of interactive playgrounds:

A Tool For Easily Creating Vector Based Animations And Exporting Them As Objective-C Code

Earlier this year I mentioned a nice guide showing how to make slick animated interface components with Core Graphics.

Here’s a Mac based vector drawing tool that makes it easier to create great animations you can use within your apps called QuartzCode submitted by Lutfi.

Some of the features of QuartzCode include:

- Multiple Layers
- Basic shape drawing
- A Particle emitter
- Animations Chaining
- Text Drawing
- Core Animation or UIView block based animation code
- SVG Import

Tool: Sketch App Plugin That Creates Swift Extensions Or UIColor Categories Based On Your Colors

I’ve mentioned the Sketch app, and most recently a nice template for Sketch based on iOS 8 interface components.

Here’s an open source plugin for the Sketch app that makes it easier to bring the right colors into your apps called the UIColor Category Generator from Jim Rutherford.

The plugin allows you to create color swatches then automatically generate UIColor categories or Swift Extensions based on that color swatch.

Tool: An Xcode Plugin Adding Many Handy Text Selection, Duplication And Deletion Commands

I’ve mentioned a number of Xcode plugins most recently a handy plugin for more advanced filtering of debug console output called MCLog.

Here’s an Xcode plugin that adds a wide number of hotkeyed commands to Xcode for easier selection, duplication and deletion called MarvinXcode from Christoffer Winterkvist.