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iOS Programming Tools And Utilities

This are is for tools related to iOS development. Any developer tools are featured here, although typically only iOS developer tools will be posted. In the past we have posted tools for tile mapping, app tracking, code generation and more.

If you would like to add a tool please submit it here.

Some New Xcode Plugins For Enhancing Code Display, Interface Builder, And Code Completion

Earlier this week I mentioned an excellent Xcode plugin that adds intelligent code coloring providing a unique color for each variable in your code.

Here a few more handy new Xcode plugins:

Adjust Font Size – A plugin submitted by Sasha Zats that allows you to use hot keys to adjust the font size in the code editor that is very nice when doing presentations.

Xcode Plugin Providing More Intelligent Code Coloring

I’ve mentioned a number of Xcode plugins including a couple for formatting your code to make it more readable.

Here’s an Xcode plugin called Polychromatic from Colin Krewinkel that aims to make your code in Xcode more understandable by providing intelligent and customizable code coloring that provides each variable with a unique color.

As the readme states:

Great Looking Extendable Open Source iOS Photo Gallery Component WIth Nice Features

I’ve mentioned a number of interesting photo components lately, most recently a nice custom video and photo picker with filtering.

Here’s an open source component called EBPhotopages submitted by Eddy Borja that allows you to create a photo gallery with a wide variety of features, and is easily extendable.

EBPhotoPages use a state pattern so you can add new states for the gallery without modifying the underlying code.

Tool: Xcode Plugin Providing A Nice GUI For Working With Cocoapods

As you probably know if you’ve been visiting this site for awhile, I’ve been trying to main a list of quality Xcode plugins.

Here’s an open source Xcode plugin called CocoapodUI from Evgeniy Branitsky that provides a nice easy to use GUI for working with CocoaPods.

Using CocoaPodUI you can easily creat your podfile, add, remove, and update pods through the graphical interface. To CocoaPodUI simply build the project and it will install automatically.

Free Tool Allowing You To Edit Built-In Xcode Code Snippets

Xcode code snippets are great, and while it’s easy to add your own code snippets there’s no easy way to modify the included snippets.

Here’s a free tool from Cocoaholic called Snippet Editor that allows you to safely edit your Xcode code snippets called Snippet Edit.

Snippet Edit provides a simple interface allowing you to modify the code within Xcode’s Code Snippets library, and modify the code as you wish with the capability to revert back to your original Xcode Snippets should you decide to.