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iOS Development Libraries

This category mainly features open source libraries for iOS development. Any library relevant for iOS developers can be posted here, that includes libraries specifically for game development on the iPhone and iPad.

If you would like to add a library please submit it here.

Open Source iOS Library For Easier Implementation Of App Touch ID Authentication

Last week I mentioned a nice straightforward guide on the basics of implementing touch ID authentication in an app.

Here’s a library allowing you to easily use Touch ID to for app authentication called EHFAuthenticator from Christopher Truman of eHarmony.

EHFAuthenticator allows you to present the user with a view asking for authentication via TouchID, and executed a callback on successful entry.

This set of images from the readme shows a mockup of the feature in the eHarmony app:

Open Source iOS Library For Creating Complex Table Views That Uses Storyboards Prototype Cells

I’ve mentioned a number of libraries and components for creating complex table views such as STXDynamicTableView which provides  many different custom cell types for photo feed layouts.

Here’s a library call AMBTableViewController that makes use of Prototype Cells within the Xcode Storyboard tool for managing complex table view layouts. An extensive example is included.

The features of AMBTableViewController include:

- Separation of table view code into different sections
- Hide/show, add/remove sections and rows
- Dynamic cell heights
- Storyboard proptotype cell support
- A blocks based syntax

An Open Source Swift Based Websockets Client Library

Some time ago I mentioned the objective-c based SocketRocket Websockets client libary.

Here’s an open source library Swift based websocket client library called StarScream from Dalton Cherry.

StarScream features a nice clean syntax, support for secure websocket connections (tls/wss), and is automatically non-blocking with everything happening in the background.

This example from the readme shows how to create a socket and the callback once a connection is made:

Open Source iOS Library For Creating Customizable Long-Press Circular Menus

I’ve mentioned a number of open source components providing circular menus, most recently YLLongTapShare which provides a neat circular sharing menu called from a long press gesture.

Here’s an open source library that makes it easy to create your own custom circular menus called CKCircularMenuView from JaNd3r.

CKCircleView opens with a long press gesture, has a nice animation on open of the button, and allows you to customize the look of each individual button.  You can also customize the angles of the button placement, and radius.

Open Source iOS Library For Creating Customizable Motion Tiltable Progress Indicators

Last year I mentioned a nice category using UIMotionEffect extending UIView with a property for parallax effects.

Here’s an open source library submitted by Taylor Franklin providing a set of Swift based custom loading indicators that include motion effects tilting the indicators while the user waits called TiltingLoader.

With tilting loader you can customize the indicator size, color, and corner radius to make unique indicators. You can also customize how the view animates and is removed from the view. There are many different styles demonstrated within the included example.