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iOS Development Libraries

This category mainly features open source libraries for iOS development. Any library relevant for iOS developers can be posted here, that includes libraries specifically for game development on the iPhone and iPad.

If you would like to add a library please submit it here.

Flexible Open Source iOS Library For Creating Data Validators

Earlier this year I mentioned the excellent FXForms library allowing you to create table view based forms with a wide number of features.

Here’s a submitted library for data validation that can work with Core Data, or a raw NSObject and added support to make it easier to work with FXForms.

Open Source iOS Library Allowing You To Easily Detect App Frame Rate Drops

Early last year I mentioned a handy library allowing you to chart an app’s fps within the status bar area.

Here’s an interesting library from Kevin Conner that makes it easy to track any frame rate drops when running your apps called KMCGeigerCounter.

KMCGeigerCounter provides an on-screen framerate meter showing how many frames have been dropped and drawn within the last second and changes color if there is a big frame rate drop, you’ll also be able to hear any frames dropping through different audio cues so you can easily tell if your app is running completely smooth.

Open Source iOS Library Providing UI Components And Colors Inspired By Google Material Design

Earlier this year I mentioned the ZFRippleButton, and BFPaperButton custom  iOS button component libraries inspired by the flat look and ripple effect on press of Google material design.

Here’s a set of Swift based open source components submitted by Le Van Nghia providing even more components, a core animation layer you can add to UI components for adding ripple effects and a color helper library based on material design called MaterialKit.

Open Source Library Providing A Swift Based Socket.IO Client LIbrary

Socket.IO enables easy real-time two-way web communication and previously I mentioned the Objective-C Socket.IO client library SocketIO-Objc.

More recently I’ve also mentioned the Swift based websockets library Starscream and the Swift based HTTP networking library AlamoFire.

Here’s an open source project submitted by Shuo Li providing a Swift based Socket.IO client library that utilizes the Starscream and AlamoFire libraries called SocketIOCocoa.

This source code example from the readme shows how to create a client, and socket:

Open Source iOS Library Greatly Simplifying Audio Synthesis, Processing, And Analysis

Audio Kit is an amazing new open source library that takes working with audio on iOS devices a step further providing for easy audio synthesis, processing and analysis.

Audio Kit includes many different audio synthesizers, and effects, a built-in sampler for recording audio stream, an audio sequencer and includes many different examples showing how to do neat things such as generating audio, pitch shifting, and creating a harmonizer.