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iOS Development Libraries

This category mainly features open source libraries for iOS development. Any library relevant for iOS developers can be posted here, that includes libraries specifically for game development on the iPhone and iPad.

If you would like to add a library please submit it here.

Open Source iOS Library Providing Direct Access To Data Stored Within Zip Files

In the past I mentioned a few libraries for working with zip files on the iOS platform, and the ZipZap libray provides a nice syntax for creating/unzipping zip files and has kept up to date.

Here’s a library providing a custom NSURLProtocol that allows you to simply load the content of zip files using a common URL request called ADZipURLProtocol from Applidium.

With ADZipURLProtocol you can simply load images, text files, whatever form a zip archive stored locally or from the web.

An Open Source Swift Math Library Inspired By Python’s NumPy

Last week I mentioned the Pythonic library providing an extensive number of helpers inspired by Python’s standard library.

Here’s a Swift math library with syntax inspired by Python’s NumPy for easy and quick computation called Swix – the Swift Matrix Library from Scott Sievert.

Swix wraps math functionality found in Swift, and also calls math functions in the Accelerate framework and OpenCV libraries.  The library is not a complete scientific computation library like NumPy (at least not at this stage) , but already implements many nice features.

Open Source iOS Library For Creating Swipe To Reveal Table View Cell Buttons

I’ve mentioned a few open source libraries for creating swipeable UITableViewCell’s that reveal hidden content on swipe such as MCSwipeTableViewCell and RMSwipeTableViewCell.

Here’s an open source library for creating swipeable table view cells similar to those seen before but with a number of enhancements and extra features called SWTableViewCell from John Lluch.

Some of the features of SWRevealTableViewCell include:

A Lightweight Faster Than SQLite Database With Code Based Queries, Relationships And More

I’ve mentioned a few ORM frameworks for use with SQLite and Core Data – here’s a database called built from the ground up for mobile devices and is faster than SQLite with an extensive feature set that eliminates the need for an exteneral ORM framework.

Some of the features of realm include:

Open Source iOS Library Providing Easy Image Downloading And Caching With A Priority Queue

Earlier this year I mentioned an interesting image caching library called Haneke.

Here’s another interesting open source image caching library with a nice and simple syntax, and queue management called SGImageCache from SeatGeek.

The queuing feature of SGImage allows you to prioritize your image fetching (with a slow and a fast queue for images) so you can pre-fetch images if desired without affecting the main thread. You can also cancel image fetching if desired.