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iOS Development Libraries

This category mainly features open source libraries for iOS development. Any library relevant for iOS developers can be posted here, that includes libraries specifically for game development on the iPhone and iPad.

If you would like to add a library please submit it here.

Open Source iOS Library For App Walkthroughs With Great Animations Using Your Own Views

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned a library allowing you to quickly create app walkthroughs using an easy to configure template called Onboard.

Here’s an open source library from Yari D’areglia that takes a different approach to creating app walkthroughs which rather than using a template gives you freedom to design views how you like called BWWalkthrough.

Open Source iOS Library For Easily Scheduling Background Fetches

One of the multitasking features introduced with iOS 7 was background fetches, and I mentioned a few tutorials on utilizing the iOS 7 multitasking features including background fetches here.

Here’s an open source library from the LinkedIn engineering team providing a very easy way to scheduling background fetches called Selene.

Selene  automatically determines which background fetches to execute based on the priority, average response time, and elapsed time since last execution, with a 30 second timeout for tasks.  This way only the most important tasks are executed preserving performance, bandwidth, and battery.

iOS Camera Library Supporting Core Image Video Filters And A Tool For Customizing The Filters

I’ve mentioned a number of open source projects with video recording features such as the 120fps Slow Motion Video Recorder and PBJVision for stop motion video.

Here’s an open source library for video recording that provides a number of nice features called SCRecorder from rFlex Simon Corsin.

Some of the features of SCRecorder include:

- The ability to record video in multiple segments so you can easily create Vine type videos if desired
- Easy removal of undesired video segments
- Video filters using Core Image
- Merging and exporting videos

Swift Based Library Prompting Users To Review Your App Featuring Easy Setup, Localization And More

Previously I mentioned the objective-c based app review prompt manager Appirater, and more recently UAAppReviewManager.

Here’s a new app review management library submitted Matt Coneybeare, based on UAAppReviewManager, enhanced with new features, and built completely in Swift called Armchair.

Some of the features of Armchair include:

- Very easy setup (only 2 lines of code required)
- Keeps track of rating prompts on multiple devices (so users of the same app on a different device don’t get annoyed with too much prompting)
- Configurable at runtime
- Localization for dozens of languages

Open Source iOS Library For Quickly Applying A Color Theme To All Your UI Components

Previously I mentioned RNTHemeManager a library allowing you to theme your interface with variables stored within a plist file, and Chameleon, a color helper library that can automatically choose the nearest flat color for your interface.

Here’s an open source library that allows you to very quickly apply a them to your UIKit interface components by simply supplying your chosen colors, and font.

As the readme states: