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iOS Development Libraries

This category mainly features open source libraries for iOS development. Any library relevant for iOS developers can be posted here, that includes libraries specifically for game development on the iPhone and iPad.

If you would like to add a library please submit it here.

Two Objective-C Libraries For Easier Testing Inspired By Ruby’s Factory Girl And MBFaker

I’ve mentioned a number of libraries and tools to aid in testing, such as the UIAutomation framework that uses Objective-C.

Here are two libraries created to ease testing submitted by John Tumminaro – Foundry for creating test/mock objects inspired by Ruby’s Factory_girl, and Gizou inspired by Ruby’s MBFaker for generating sample data.

As John states in his submission:

A Macro For Easy Clean Lazy Instantiation Of Properties In Objective-C

At this start of this month I mentioned an interesting project providing an NSString category that makes it easy to get UIColor selectors by name or value from Nicolas Goutaland.

Here’s another interesting project submitted by Nicolas that makes it easy to perform lazy instantiation (initialized only when used) of Objective-C properties saving on boilerplate code called LazyProperty.

Lazyproperty includes a simple macro that will automatically make properties use the lazy instantiation pattern (properties must be set to nonatomic, strong).

Open Source Pre-Permissions Library For Push Notifications, Reminders And The Calendar

Last week I mentioned the ClusterPrePermissions library that increases the percentage of people granting access to your app to use photos and contacts by asking the user for pre-permission before really asking permission to use photos and contacts.

Here’s a submission from Joe Law that expands on this concept but also allows you to add pre-permission dialogs for push notifications, reminders, and the calendar in addition to photos and contacts called JLPermissions.

Open Source Helper Library For Connecting With And Sharing On Google Plus

Earlier this month I mentioned a nice helper library for working with Google’s Direction, Map and Places API called LPGoogleFunctions.

Here’s a library submitted by Liviu Romascanu for those interested in creating a Google Plus client or adding Google Plus sharing into an iOS app called LLGooglePlusClient.

Specifically there are helpers for:

- Sign in
- Sign Out
- Sign out with application authorization removal
- Share a url and text
- Share a title, description, thumbnail, and url
- Serialize and share a dictionary

Open Source Library For Creating Great Looking Animated And Interactive Line Graphs

I’ve mentioned a number of graphing and charting libraries such as the excellent MagicPie for creating animated pie charts.

Here’s a library submitted by Boris Emorine for producing great looking line graphs that has number of nice unique features.

These features include:

- Adjustable animations on display of the graph
- Line smoothing using bezier curves for smoothed line graphs
- Touch reporting and indication on the graph showing the closest point to the users touch
- Custom alpha values so graphs can be made semi-transparent if desired
- Easy snapshotting of the graphs