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iOS Development Libraries

This category mainly features open source libraries for iOS development. Any library relevant for iOS developers can be posted here, that includes libraries specifically for game development on the iPhone and iPad.

If you would like to add a library please submit it here.

Open Source iOS Library Providing A Lightweight GCD Based HTTP Server

Previously I mentioned the CocoaHTTPServer that provides a simple http server for your apps, and a wrapper and guide for using the mongoose server within your apps.

Here’s an open source iOS library from Pierre-Oliver Latour that provides a lightweight embeddable http web server called GCDWebServer.

GCDWebServer is built with an event-driven design using grand central dispatch, and provides a number of very nice extra features such as JSON parsing and serialization, http compression with gzip and more. There are also extensions providing an interface for uploading/downloading files, and a WEBDAVServer.

An NSString Category For Easily Getting UIColor Selectors By Name Or Value

Earlier this year I mentioned a UIColor category providing easy access to specific colors using brand names and late last year a uicolor category providing easy access to iOS 7 colors.

Here’s a NSSTring category submitted by Nicolas Goutaland that makes it easier to utilize the aformentioned color libraries adding methods for gathering UIColor selectors using the rgb or rgba values, or name, to NSString. This makes it very easy to load colors from a PLIST file.

An iOS Framework Providing Amazing High-Performance Trainable Object Recognition

I’ve mentioned a number of image recognition related projects, most recently this lightweight barcode scanning component, and a UIImageView category that can adjust images using facial recognition.

Here’s an interesting project from Jetpac that goes beyond basic image recognition providing an amazing framework that can recognize a large number of object categories, and quickly be trained to recognize new objects called the DeepBelief SDK.

Open Source Augmented Reality Library For Live Tracking The Position Of The Sun

Previously I mentioned a number of augmented reality resources such as the free Vuforia augmented reality SDK, and more recently a tutorial on creating an augmented reality game on iOS using OpenCV.

Here’s an interesting library submitted by Julien Ducret that uses augmented reality to track the position of the sun on your device called BRSunTracker.

Open Source iOS Library For Asynchronously Grabbing The Users Location Once

CLLocationManager allows you to easily grab a user location over time, but it can be a drain on the users battery especially if you don’t need to continuously track the users location.

Here’s an open source library from Intuit called INTULocationManager that makes it easy to easily grab the device’s current location once.

As the INTULocationManager readme states: