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iOS Development Libraries

This category mainly features open source libraries for iOS development. Any library relevant for iOS developers can be posted here, that includes libraries specifically for game development on the iPhone and iPad.

If you would like to add a library please submit it here.

Open Source iOS Library Allowing You To Easily Slide Views Automatically Away From The Keyboard

Here’s a library called IHKeyboardAvoiding that works differently from previously mentioned libraries allowing you to automatically slide any view out of the way of the keyboard (not just text fields) submitted by Fraser Scott.

I mentioned a few libraries for solving the issue of text fields being covered by the keyboard, most recently IQKeyboardManager that provides an approach not requiring any code.

An Extensive Open Source Swift Based Library For Creating Forms

I’ve mentioned a number of iOS objective-c form creation libraries most recently XLForm and BPForms.

Here’s a nice open source Swift library for creating forms called SwiftForms from Miguel Ángel Ortuño.

SwiftForms provides a nice simple syntax for creating forms, an extensive number of built-in form components, and you can completely customize the table view cells if desired.

This source code example from the readme shows the syntax for creating a basic form with SwiftForms:

Open Source Component Providing A UIViewController As A UICollectionView Cell

Previously I mentioned a nice tutorial on creating custom layouts with UICollectionView. Some issues can occur when trying to use a UIViewController within a UICollectionViewCell.

Here’s an open source component submitted by Sash Zats that provides a custom UIViewController that can be used in place of standard UICollectionView cells called Voltron.

Voltron solves many of the issues that come up when trying to use a UIViewController within a UICollectionViewCell taking care of resizing issues and preserving the lifecycle of a standard view controller.

Open Source iOS Library For Creating Smooth, Responsive, Asynchronous User Interfaces

I’ve mentioned a number of nice open source projects from Facebook such as the Pop animation engine.

Here’s another open source project released by the Facebook engineering team called AsyncDisplayKit for creating smooth asynchronous interfaces that works well with Pop or conventional app designs

Within AsyncDisplayKit you’ll find a number of drop-in UI component replacements for UIView, UIControl, UIImageView, UITextView, and UITableView which are threadsafe and can run in parallel on background threads. The end result is increased performance, and there are other additional conveniences such as direct access to CALayer Properties.

Open Source iOS Library Providing Simple And Flexible Memory, Disk Or SQLite Database Based Caching

I’ve mentioned a number of libraries for easier caching of assets, most recently the Swift based background image downloading library with built in caching called Skeets.

Here’s an easy to use caching library called CacheKit from David Beck that allows you to specify which objects are to be cached, and provides options for caching to memory, to disk or to a SQLite database.

Some of the features of CacheKit include: