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iOS Development Libraries

This category mainly features open source libraries for iOS development. Any library relevant for iOS developers can be posted here, that includes libraries specifically for game development on the iPhone and iPad.

If you would like to add a library please submit it here.

Open Source iOS Framework For Easily Creating Node Based Visual Editors

Last week I mentioned a great open source library from Krzysztof Zablocki for creating playgrounds in objective-c.

Here’s another interesting open source project from Krzyszstof providing a framework for creating node based visual editors very easily called KZNodes.

With KZNodes you can easily create nodes, attach, and modify those nodes visually, and see the results in real-time. This is great if you would like to create a simple editor for your designer to tweak visual components within an app, or you could even create an editor for users of your apps.

Swift Based ActiveRecord/MagicalRecord Helpers For Working With Core Data

Earlier this month I mentioned a nice Swift library for working with SQLite databases and I’ve also mentioned a nice Swift based helper library for working with Core Data called AlecrimCoreData.

Here’s another open source Swift library that provides a number of helpers and extensions inspired by the Active Record pattern and MagicalRecord for Core Data called SuperRecord from Michael Armstrong.

Open Source iOS Library Extending UITextView With Annotations, A Change API And More

Last month I mentioned a nice library from the LinkedIn engineering team for easily scheduling bakcground fetches called Selene.

Here’s an interesting open source library from the Linkedin engineering team called Hakawai that greatly extends the functionality of UITextView.

Added with Hawakai is a nice high-level change api that offers more than UITextViewDelegate, block-based APIs for working with text view contents, special social media style annotations within the view, and more.

Open Source Library For Easily Creating A Custom Touch ID Or Passcode Lock Screen

Last month I mentioned a nice tutorial on integrating Touch ID within an app.

Here’s an open source linbrary from Venmo providing an easy way to set up a custom Touch ID or passcode lock screen from Venmo called VenTouchLock.

With VenTouchLock you create a splash screen (a sample is included), and your users will need to specify a passcode elsewhere in your app. On the lock screen the user will be able to unlock using touch on devices where Touch ID is available or they can also use the passcode.

Open Source Swift Library Providing Easy JSON Deserialization Into Classes, Primitives And More

Earlier this year I mentioned the SwiftyJSON library providing an alternative syntax for parsing JSON as using NSJSON can become overly verbose with Swift’s strict data typing.

Here’s another library for parsing JSON in Swift that takes things a step further providing many functions for turning JSON data into primitive types, class types NSDate, and NSURL called JSONHelper from Baris Sencan.

Specificially the readme states JSONHelper includes operators for: