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iOS Development Source Code Examples

This section is for app source code examples and code snippets that do not come with an in-depth tutorial.

Example Source Code: An App For Sharing Apps With A Web Based Backend Using Deployd

Previously I mentioned a couple of libraries from Denis Barton for creating a web-based backend for your app with Node.js and the popular Deployd framework called DeploydKit, and iTunesPicker for browsing through apps, music, and videos with an iTunes like interface.

Here’s an open source example app submitted by Denis Barton allowing users to share their favorite apps called Appcorner-Social.

Example And Guide: An Optimized Reaction Diffusion Simulation Using The Metal Graphics API

In the last couple of months I mentioned an extensive collection of iOS 8 source code including some examples using Metal along with an in-depth beginners tutorial on using Metal.

Here’s a guide and example submitted by Simon Gladman in which he has created and optimized a reaction diffusion simulation using the Metal API.

This video shows the simulation in action:

Code Example: An iPhone Springboard Protoype Based On The Apple Watch

Last month I mentioned an extensive Apple Watch GUI PSD Design Kit for those looking to get an early start on designing for the Apple Watch.

Here’s an interesting source code example from Lucas Menge bringing an Apple Watch style home screen to the iPhone called WatchSpringboard-Protoype.

The example provides the same icon layout as on the apple watch, interactivity features, app opening transitions and many nice touches to make things work right on the iPhone.

Example: Using The iOS Facial Gesture Recognition On A Live Video Feed

Previously I mentioned a nice tutorial on using the facial detection feature of the iOS SDK on a live video stream.

Here’s a nice example from Danny Shmueli showing how to use the facial gesture recognition on streaming video added with iOS 7 for detecting blinking, and smiling gestures.

One of the key issues with using this facial gesture recognition feature is that performance, and the example does a nice job of handling this issue. The logic has been nicely extracted so you can use this gesture recognition in your own projects.

Example: A Swift Based Photo Editing Extension Created With The iOS 8 Photos Framework

Last week I mentioned a nice set of source code examples demonstrating usage of many new iOS 8 features.

Here’s a nice source code example submitted by Dariusz Rybicki of a photo editing extension created with the new Photos framework called SwiftMustaches.

The example provides an extension that runs directly within Photos app providing an option for users to add a mustach to a photo using Core Image’s face detection functionality.