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iOS Development Source Code Examples

This section is for app source code examples and code snippets that do not come with an in-depth tutorial.

Example iOS Source Code: A Full Featured PDF Reader App

I’ve mentioned a number of open source projects for working with PDF files most recently ILPDFKit for working with PDF forms, and BNHTMLKit for easily generating PDF files from a URL or HTML string.

Here’s an open source example pdf reader app providing a full featured book reader style experience called GreatReader from Shohei Miyamoto.

The features of GreatReader include:

- iPhone/iPad Support
- iBooks Like Design
- Zooming in/out with double tap
- Rotation handling
- Reading histories view
- Cropping for zooming
- Document Outlines

Example: An Extensive News Reader App Built In Swift

A couple of months ago I mentioned a nice news reader app created in swift for the hacker news called SwiftHN.

Here’s a complete open source news reader app created entirely in Swift for The Oakland Post from Andrew Clissold.

The app provides an extensive feature set listing stories with image thumbnails, and post times, a nice clean reading experience, and a photo browser. The example utilizes a number of open source projects including the RSS feed parser MWFeedParser, and the asynchronous image downloading library SDWebImage.

iOS Tutorial And Code Example On Creating Tinder Style Swipe-To-Choose Views

Earlier this year I mentioned a  component for implementing Tinder style swipe-to-choose cards called MDCSwipeToChoose.

Here’s a nice tutorial that goes step-by-step through the process of creating cards with cool Tinder style dragging animations from Nimrod Gutman.

Specifically the tutorial covers:

- Setting up a draggable image view
- Modifying the rotation and scale while the image is being dragged to match the effect seen in the Tinder app
- Adding overlay images as the image is dragged
- Performing the selected action

Example: Source Code Release To Popular iOS RTS Game Warfare Incorporated

As you may know I have been maintaining lists of open source iOS apps, and open source iOS games for about 5 years.

Here’s an iOS  source code release to the fantastic Warfare Incorporated RTS game called Hostile Takeover from Spiffcode.

As the readme states:

Hostile Takeover is the open source release of the wildly popular mobile Real Time Strategy game Warfare Incorporated. Warfare Incorporated’s developers, grateful for all the contributions of the open source community, are delighted to give something back.

Examples: A Collection Of Popular Design Patterns Implemented In Swift

Last month I mentioned a nice tutorial on avoid issues when moving from Objective-C to swift.

Here’s a project that providing an Xcode 6 playground with examples of a number patterns that you can use within your own projects, or just for learning called Design-Patterns-In-Swift from Oktawian Chojnacki.

Some of the design patterns included are:

- Singleton
- Builder
- Abstract Factory
- Prototype
- Facade
- Strategy