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iOS App Design

Extensive Free iOS Design Kit Featuring Over 250 Components

Earlier this year I mentioned a iOS 8 user interface template kit for Sketch.

Here’s an extensive iOS design Kit called Tethr that contains 8 PSD files featuring 138 templates and over 250 components.

The design matches the flat design of the iOS interface, and can be downloaded for free.

Here’s a snapshot from the homepage that shows off some of the included elements:

You can download Tethr from the homepage E-mail required.

A User Interface Template Kit For Sketch Updated For iOS 8

I’ve mentioned the fantastic Sketch user interface design app in the past, and pointed out a collection of free iOS design templates for Sketch.

Here’s a UI Kit template updated with new user interface elements from iOS 8 for your prototypes from Rafael Conde.

Here’s an image showing a keyboard and predictive text bar taken from the stencil.


You can download the iOS 8 UIKit here

iOS Library Allowing You To Automatically Turn iOS Screenshots Into Layered PSD Files

Just over a year ago I mentioned a nice library for creating PSD formatted files called PSDWriter.

Here’s a handy library that utilizes PSDWriter from Vinh Phuc Dinh called MMLayerShots.

MMLayerShots allows you to take app screenshots and automatically convert them into layered PSD files so you can then load them into an app that supports PSD files (ie. Photoshop, Pixelmator, Gimp).

This allows you to adjust the individual elements without having to cut apart each element individually.

Example: An App Using The New iOS 7 iBeacon API

Recently I mentioned a collection of iOS 7 source code examples demonstrating much of the new functionality added with the iOS 7 API – one missing example is a demonstration of the new iBeacon API.

Here’s a source code example working with the new iBeacon API from Nick Toumpelis called HiBeacons.

HiBecause allows you to demo both beacon advertising and ranging allowing you to see detected beacons in the vicinity.

Free Photoshop Actions And Automator Workflows For Easier iPhone/iPad App And Icon Design

Some time ago I mentioned a handy Mac app that allows you to preview Photoshop designs on an iOS device automatically from Bjango.

Here’s a handy collection  of Photoshop actions, Automator workflows and scripts released by Bjango.

This collection makes working with Photoshop easier especially if you’re working on iPhone or iPad app and icon design.

Here’s a brief summary of some the features added through these actions and Automator scripts (there’s a lot more handy actions included):