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iOS App Design

Example: An App Using The New iOS 7 iBeacon API

Recently I mentioned a collection of iOS 7 source code examples demonstrating much of the new functionality added with the iOS 7 API – one missing example is a demonstration of the new iBeacon API.

Here’s a source code example working with the new iBeacon API from Nick Toumpelis called HiBeacons.

HiBecause allows you to demo both beacon advertising and ranging allowing you to see detected beacons in the vicinity.

Free Photoshop Actions And Automator Workflows For Easier iPhone/iPad App And Icon Design

Some time ago I mentioned a handy Mac app that allows you to preview Photoshop designs on an iOS device automatically from Bjango.

Here’s a handy collection  of Photoshop actions, Automator workflows and scripts released by Bjango.

This collection makes working with Photoshop easier especially if you’re working on iPhone or iPad app and icon design.

Here’s a brief summary of some the features added through these actions and Automator scripts (there’s a lot more handy actions included):

Free iOS Design Templates For Easy App Design With The Sketch App

I’ve shared a few design resources such as some good beginner iOS design tutorials, and free navigation bar designs.

Here’s a set of templates for designing iOS apps that I received in a submission for use with the Sketch App for Mac.  These templates include many different iOS UI design elements from different authors.

In case you haven’t heard of Sketch it is a popular design tool for Mac that you can find in the Mac App Store here.

Over 1000 Free Vector Components For Creating Mockups In Keynote

About two years ago I first mentioned the Keynotopia templates for creating interactive iPhone and iPad app prototypes using Keynote.

Since that time Keynotopia has grown and come out with a number of premium products.

Recently Keynotopia released a set of vector components in a hand drawn style (over 1,000 in the set) for free.

Here’s a video demonstrating how to go from the free components to a real prototype in a few minutes:

iPad 3 HD Retina Sized UI Design Template – Layered PSD With Many GUI Components

It’s widely expected that the Apple event later today (March 7th, 2012) will feature an updated version of the iPad known as either the iPad 3 or iPad HD and a display with double the resolution of the iPad and iPad 2 (2048×1536).

This means that it’s time to start changing the user interface within iPad apps to start supporting the larger display.