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Swift Based Network Abstraction Layer For Simplifying Work With Complex APIs

Earlier this month I mentioned the Swift based networking library AlamoFire created to be AFNetworking reimagined for the conventions of the Swift language.

Here’s a library from Ash Furrow created in Swift called Moya that utilizes AlamoFire providing a network abstraction layer that makes it easier to work with more complex APIs, especially those where an action can lead to different end points.

As the readme states some of the requirements for Moya that were met include:

Beginners Swift Tutorial Showing How To Create A Tetris Style Game

Last month I mentioned a nice beginners tutorial showing how to create a Candy Crush style game in Swift.

Here’s another tutorial providing a fun way to increase your Swift knowledge in the building of a Tetris style game from Bloc.

The tutorial utilizes Swift, and SpriteKit explaining every step along the way going from the setup of your project and loading assets, through to setting up the actual game, and some special effects.  Everything is nicely explained a very clean format and allows you to jump between each step along the way.

Example: Source Code Release To Popular iOS RTS Game Warfare Incorporated

As you may know I have been maintaining lists of open source iOS apps, and open source iOS games for about 5 years.

Here’s an iOS  source code release to the fantastic Warfare Incorporated RTS game called Hostile Takeover from Spiffcode.

As the readme states:

Hostile Takeover is the open source release of the wildly popular mobile Real Time Strategy game Warfare Incorporated. Warfare Incorporated’s developers, grateful for all the contributions of the open source community, are delighted to give something back.

Open Source iOS Component For Customizable Action Sheets Without UIAlertController Limitations

I’ve mentioned a number of components that simplify the syntax of creating an action sheets, and with iOS 8 Apple has added UIAlertController which greatly simplifies the syntax when compared to UIActionSheet and UIAlertView, but there are some added limitations.

Here’s a custom up-to-date action sheet component from Jonas Gessner that allows users to create action sheets with a number of extra features well beyond standard UIAlertController and allows you to avoid some of the UIAlertController limitations.

Open Source Library Providing A Set Of Flat Buttons With Fantastic Transition Animations

Earlier this year I mentiond a nice guide mentioning how to create buttons with great looking transitions and a set of toolbar buttons with nice animation between them.

Here’s a library providing a nice set of flat buttons with great animations between them called VBPopFlatButton submitted by Victor Baro.

In total the library includes 9 commonly used buttons: forward, back, menu, download, share, add, minus, close, and an up arrow.  The buttons come in two different styles – with or without a rounded background.