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Open Source iOS Library Allowing You To Easily Slide Views Automatically Away From The Keyboard

Here’s a library called IHKeyboardAvoiding that works differently from previously mentioned libraries allowing you to automatically slide any view out of the way of the keyboard (not just text fields) submitted by Fraser Scott.

I mentioned a few libraries for solving the issue of text fields being covered by the keyboard, most recently IQKeyboardManager that provides an approach not requiring any code.

Top iOS Development Resources For Week Ended October 19th, 2014

Welcome back to our feature of the most popular new and updated iOS developer resources mentioned on the site from the last two weeks.

The top resource this week is a project bootstrap  making a great starting point for your Xcode projects with many useful features for organization, debugging, and easier project setup.

Here are the resources:

1. KZBootstrap – An Xcode project bootstrap providing an excellent setup and adding features for extra warnings, easier debugging and more.  (share on twitter) (featured here)

An Extensive Open Source Swift Based Library For Creating Forms

I’ve mentioned a number of iOS objective-c form creation libraries most recently XLForm and BPForms.

Here’s a nice open source Swift library for creating forms called SwiftForms from Miguel Ángel Ortuño.

SwiftForms provides a nice simple syntax for creating forms, an extensive number of built-in form components, and you can completely customize the table view cells if desired.

This source code example from the readme shows the syntax for creating a basic form with SwiftForms:

Open Source iOS Component For Neatly Gathering And Displaying Current Weather Conditions

In the past year I’ve mentioned a couple of resources for those building weather apps, an example of a weather app with a great looking interface called Sol, and an in-depth tutorial on creating a weather app using the OpenWEatherMap API.

Here’s an open source component called Wethr for neatly gathering and displaying current location-based weather conditions within a customizable view.

Wethr automatically gathers the temperature, weather conditions, and city name and allows you to display those within a customizable label.

An iOS Xcode Project Bootstrap For High Quality Coding

Previously I mentioned the Crafter tool for automated Xcode project setup from Krzysztof Zablocki.

Here’s an open source release submitted by Krzysztof Zablocki that provides a project bootstrap for high quality coding called KZBootstrap.

KZBootstrap provides a nice labled icon setup making it easy to distinguish between build types, extra scripts for more warnings such as for todo’s and warnings when files get big. easy setup of environments within a plist file using Xcodebuild or Jenkins, clickable links within logging using CocoaLumberjack, extra conveniences for easier debugging, and more.