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Open Source Project Allowing You To Use The iOS 8 UIAlertController Syntax In iOS 7

With the iOS 8 SDK Apple has delivered a much simpler API for creating UIAlertView’s and UIActionSheet’s, but if you’re looking to support iOS 7 you can’t use the new clean and simple syntax of UIAlertController.

Here’s an open source project from Peter Steinberger that bring backwards compatibility to the iOS 8 UIAlertController API with PSTAlertController.

Library Providing A Nice Collection Of Custom Transitions And Interaction Controllers

Earlier this year I mentioned a nice collection of interesting animated transitions and a tutorial on using the transition API that was added with iOS 7.

Here’s another nice open source library that simplifies use of the transition API and providing a number of custom  transitions and interaction controllers from Raizlabs called RZTransitions.

RZTranstitions provides a wide number of animation, and interaction controllers, and provides a simple api for using custom transitions and you can mix and match all the included transitions and interaction controllers for interesting effects.

Tutorial: Creating A High-Performance Smooth Scrolling Collection View With AsyncDisplayKit

Last month I mentioned an interesting library from Facebook called AsyncDisplayKit for creating smooth interactive user interfaces.

Here’s a nice practical hands on-guide by René Cacheaux that explains how to use AsyncDisplayKit to create a smooth scrolling collection view with image and text even when the view has multiple layers, and blurring/unblurring effects.

You’ll learn how to set up the different elements of the view as nodes, perform operations in the background, and reuse cells for maximum performance.

Tool: An Easy To Use Cocoa Dependency Manager That Works With Github And Git Repositories

Carthage is an open source Cocoa dependency management solution released by Justin Spahr-Summers that makes it dead simple to checkout and build dependencies from Github or any Git repository, and has a number of advantages over other solutions.

Carthage takes a new approach and does not require any specification files to be included with your dependencies, you simply need to create a single cartfile listing your dependencies along with your version requirements. Carthage will only work with iOS 8 as it uses the new dynamically linked framework capability.

Tool: View The Memory Heap In App To Avoid Any Memory Issues

When ARC was introduced in Objective-C memory management become much less of an issue, but you can still create issues especially with holding objects longer than needed.

Here’s an open source tool that allows you to monitor the memory heap from within your app and quickly identify any memory issues called HeapInspector from tapwork.

With heap inspector you can get data from running objects that includes the reference history, detailed information, and screenshots.