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Top Resources In iOS Development For Week Ended July 27th, 2014

Welcome back to our feature of the most popular new and updated iOS developer resources mentioned on the site from the last week.

The top resource this week is an open source library for applying interesting transition effects to your UILabels inspired by effects seen in iOS 8 and the Secret app.

Here are the resources:

Open Source Component For Great-Looking Customizable Buttons With iOS 8′s UIVibrancyEffect

Earlier this month I mentioned a nice custom button component with a great looking ripple effect called ZFRippleButton.

Here’s an open source component allowing you to create highly customizable buttons in iOS 8 with a nice vibrancy effect (and within iOS 7 without vibrancy) called AYVibrantButton from Alan Yip.

AYVibrantButton supports too different styles (invert and translucent), and allows you to customize the background color, text, font, and border width and corner radius. You can set the UIVibrancyEffect as desired with the default being a blurring effect.

Open Source Component For Creating Customizable HUD Views In iOS 8

I’ve mentioned a few open source components for creating HUD displays such as MMProgressHUD, but most don’t reflect the style seen in iOS 7 and iOS 8.

Here’s an open source component called PKHUD providing a customizable Swift based reimplementation of Apple’s HUD (as seen when adjusting volume/ring, and changing the rotation switch) for iOS 8 utilizing UIVisualEffectsView for the blur effect.

Tool For In App Debugging Featuring View Modification, View Hierarchy Browsing And More

I’ve mentioned a number of tools for debugging user interfaces most recently the hierarchy detective tool that allows you to view your user interface hierarchy in 3d space.

Here’s an open source tool from Flipboard for in-app exploration and debugging called FLEX.   Flex provides many nice features including the ability to modify your running views, browse through the view hierarchy and  access live objects on the heap.

Open Source iOS Checkboxes And Custom Table View Cells Inspired By Material Design

Last week I mentioned an interesting open source component for creating buttons with styling and effects inspired by Google’s “material design” UI.

Here are a couple more components for from Bence Feher with visuals inspired by Google material design for creating dynamic checkboxes and table views called BFPaperCheckBox and BFPaperTableViewCell.

Each of the components features circular ripples on touch effects with color fading.

Here are a couple of images from the readmes showing BFPaperCheckBox and BFPaperTableViewCell in action: