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Tutorial: Step-By-Step Guide To Creating A Great Looking Custom UI Control In Swift

Earlier this year I mentioned a nice guide from Yari D’areglia on creating custom components that can be previewed and modified within Xcode 6.

Here is another tutorial by Yari extending on the first tutorial going through step by step the creation of a custom component using Swift.

In the tutorial you’ll go through the creation of a great looking completely custom circular slider component.

Here’s a video showing the component created in the tutorial within the simulator:

Mac Tool For Generating Code From JSON Data Supporting Swift (NSJSONSerialization And SwiftyJSON)

Earlier this year I mentioned the SwiftyJSON library for working with JSON data in Swift.

Here’s an open source Mac tool written in Swift that makes it easy to convert  JSON data into code with support for Swift using NSJSONSerialization or SwiftyJSON and Java for Android.

The conversion is automatic, and you can preview all the different classes in nice interface, and include constructors. utility methods, both or none.

A Quick Look At Apple’s First WatchKit Release

Today Apple released the first version of WatchKit adding many new APIs to the iOS SDK for interacting with the upcoming Apple watch.

Some things to note:

- As expected Glances and Notifications APIs are included for quickly adding basic Apple Watch support to your apps
- You can build more advanced interfaces for your apps on the Apple watch with the iPhone doing the majority of the processing work
- Many different user interface components and helpers are already included in this first release of the WatchKit SDK
- Full native support apps are coming – presumably towards the end of 2014

Tool: Handy iPhone And iPad App For Updating Code In A Git Repo On The Go

I’ve mentioned a few apps for development on the iPhone and iPad most recently Dringend which brings a fully fledge Mac and iOS development environment to the iPad.

Here’s a handy iPhone and iPad app providing a full read/write Git client allowing you to make changes to a Git based repository called Working Copy submitted by Anders Borum.

Open Source iOS Library Providing UI Components And Colors Inspired By Google Material Design

Earlier this year I mentioned the ZFRippleButton, and BFPaperButton custom  iOS button component libraries inspired by the flat look and ripple effect on press of Google material design.

Here’s a set of Swift based open source components submitted by Le Van Nghia providing even more components, a core animation layer you can add to UI components for adding ripple effects and a color helper library based on material design called MaterialKit.