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Open Source iOS Animation Library For Creating Advanced Interactive Animations

I’ve mentioned a number of animation libraries, most recently FastAnimationWithPOP which provides a simple syntax for animations.

Here’s a new animation library from Intuit called the Intuit animation library designed to make the creation of custom interactive animations easier called INTUAnimationEngine.  The library features many interpolation functions for any value, and you can get a callback from any frame of an animation if desired. A nice example is included.

As the readme states:

Top iOS Development Resources For Week Ended September 21st, 2014

Welcome back to our feature of the most popular new and updated iOS developer resources mentioned on the site from the last two weeks.

The top resource this week is an extensive collection of iOS 8 code samples covering many new iOS 8 features such as HealthKit, Metal and custom Core Image filters.

Here are the resources:

1.  iOS 8 Sampler – A wide collection of source code examples demonstrating new iOS 8 features.  (share on twitter) (featured here)

Open Source iOS Library For App Walkthroughs With Great Animations Using Your Own Views

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned a library allowing you to quickly create app walkthroughs using an easy to configure template called Onboard.

Here’s an open source library from Yari D’areglia that takes a different approach to creating app walkthroughs which rather than using a template gives you freedom to design views how you like called BWWalkthrough.

Open Source iOS Color Picker Component With Support For Favorites, Textures And More

I’ve metioned a number of color pickers in the past, but unfortunately it looks like most of the projects have been abandoned. Here’s a new color picker submitted by Jeff Johnson called DRColorPicker that has many nice unique features such as favorites, a color wheel, recent colors, pick by hue and support for imported images as colors.

The features as stated in the readme include:

Open Source iOS Library For Easily Scheduling Background Fetches

One of the multitasking features introduced with iOS 7 was background fetches, and I mentioned a few tutorials on utilizing the iOS 7 multitasking features including background fetches here.

Here’s an open source library from the LinkedIn engineering team providing a very easy way to scheduling background fetches called Selene.

Selene  automatically determines which background fetches to execute based on the priority, average response time, and elapsed time since last execution, with a 30 second timeout for tasks.  This way only the most important tasks are executed preserving performance, bandwidth, and battery.